Thursday, September 3, 2020

Voter Fraudster in Chief


Charles Schultz's Pig Pen, Art credit: Peanuts Studio Blog
Charles Schultz's Pig Pen. Art Credit: Peanuts Studio Blog

In one way, Mr. Trump reminds me of Charles Schultz’ Peanuts character, Pig Pen, who was always surrounded by a cloud of dust and debris. 

But in Mr. Trump’s case, wherever he goes a cloud of chaos will surely appear.

Just the other day Mr. Trump managed to create a cloud of chaotic pollution while committing an act worthy of impeachment and imprisonment by encouraging North Carolina voters vote twice this November. By doing so, in North Carolina, he violated the law and committed a felony

In an Alternet article, Rick Hasen of Election Law Blog is quoted, "Under North Carolina law, it is illegal: ‘For any person with intent to commit a fraud to register or vote at more than one precinct or more than one time, or to induce another to do so, in the same primary or election, or to vote illegally at any primary or election.’”

Oh, by the way, voting twice in the same election is also prohibited under federal law 52 USC § 10307.

Move over pig pen… The Voter Fraudster in Chief has appeared.

Here is how CBS reported the story:

President Trump suggests supporters illegally vote twice to test mail-in vs in-person

CBS This Morning, Sep 3, 2020
President Trump and his administration are continuing to cast doubt on mail-in voting two months ahead of the election. Speaking to his supporters in North Carolina, President Trump encouraged them to test the system and illegally vote by mail and in person, a potential felony. Ben Tracy reports.

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