Thursday, April 4, 2019

Monitor Corp Execs

I read recently that a high percentage of corporate CEOs are borderline if not full-blown psychopaths. These are the breed who run our global corporations.

Why? Because their psychopathic personalities traits enable them to stomp out competitors and succeed in the dog-eat-dog corporate environment.

Plus, psychopathy is indispensable when it come to ruthlessly tossing way anyone no longer considered useful or for working a scam, or for selling poison to the public.

For their psychopathy and for winning at any cost, the CEOs and their enablers are outrageously rewarded while the rest of us get zero, or more likely, lose what little we do have.

Anyway, for the world to stave off the next “rebellion of the paupers” due to our currently outrageously out of balance wealth distribution, it is obvious to me that we need some inventive method to ensure that our “powers that be”, the corporations (and politicians), are brought back under lawful restraint.

We need some sort of moment-by-moment way to ensure that the top dogs are not stealing us blind, feeding our babies arsenic, or creating the next false flag operation to kill our children so they can make a few more silver coins.

We need to Monitor the corporations in the tradition of Gort (The Day The Earth Stood Still). That is some form of artificial intelligence (AI) or an alien implant technology must be put to good use, posthaste.

That way we’ll know what the buggers are up to and we can do something before they blow up the world.

The Pointer Sisters - Jump (For My Love) - 1983

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