Monday, April 8, 2019

Catch a Falling Star & Put it in Your Pocket

Faster than light? Naw! Nothing can go faster than light.

Wait. Slower?

These people have figured it out. They have a way to control the speed of light... even make it go backwards, too!

They're from Central Florida. Here's the story...

Researchers develop way to control speed of light, send it backward, University of Central Florida,, 4 Apr 2019.

"University of Central Florida researchers have developed a way to control the speed of light. Not only can they speed up a pulse of light and slow it down, they can also make it travel backward."

"The results were published recently in the journal Nature Communications."

"This achievement is a major step in research that could one day lead to more efficient optical communication, as the technique could be used to alleviate data congestion and prevent information loss. And with more and more devices coming online and data transfer rates becoming higher, this sort of control will be necessary."


Catch A Falling Star - Perry Como - 1957

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