Saturday, August 25, 2018

Please, Never Give Up

Activsts walk during the 50 Miles More march in Worcester, Massachusetts, on 23 August.
Photograph: Scott Eisen/Getty Images

While our attention is overwhelmed by U.S. mainstream media reports about Trump associates’ felony convictions, a major story playing out in Massachusetts has gone largely unnoticed.

Thank God for the UK’s, The Guardian.

Why is this important? Each day our youth realize it’s up to them to create a nonviolent, compassionate, life-affirming USA. They haven’t yet lost their dreams and hopes for rational gun regulation.

I hope they never tire, never surrender, never give up.

Here’s the story:

“Activists across Massachusetts came together for the local chapter of 50 Miles More to challenge the arms manufacturer at its Springfield headquarters.”

“Student activists continued to make progress on Friday on a 50-mile march that will bring them to the headquarters of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson in Springfield, Massachusetts this weekend.”

“The group has two messages it hopes to deliver to Smith & Wesson. First is a request that the company cease the manufacture of weapons outlawed under the 2004 Massachusetts Assault Weapons Ban.”

“Smith & Wesson produces weapons that are illegal in Massachusetts then ships them throughout the country, and those [guns] take peoples’ lives,” Eder said. “That needs to stop.”

“The group would also like to see the company donate $5m to research violence involving its weapons.”

“I hope Smith & Wesson realize they can become a responsible gun manufacturer. They could start making guns with finger print [technology] again, for example.”

“He (David Hogg) and the group have no problem with the second amendment, they all agreed. They simply take issue with how it’s regulated.”

“We don’t have universal background checks; we need to invest in violence intervention programs,” Hogg said. “These shootings don’t just happen in high schools, they happen every day. We need people like the president to realize this is not just Parkland, this is Boston, this is all the different cities that we’re with.”

Asked what he wanted Smith & Wesson to hear when the group arrives on Sunday, Brody said it was “OK to be a gun manufacturer and be against gun violence.

“You can be a part of the solution. If you’re truly who you say you are, you haven’t acted like it. It’s time to step up and be the first gun manufacturer to say you’re against gun violence, and mean it and show it.” 

Bruce Springsteen - No Surrender - 2004

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