Monday, August 6, 2018

Media—Minimize Trump Coverage

How to report Mr. Trump compared to other news.
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By Ron Baker

Mr. Trump has declared the media to be the enemy of the people. As I see it, in his recent campaign-style rallies he his further incited his followers to violence against reporters. This is not acceptable by any measure.

World-wide people now clearly see Mr. Trump, his colleagues and their actions are not supportive of the people of the United States. Rather, the Trump administration has gone about gutting our government; obliterating what little protection the people have from the extremes of predatory capitalism; abused the peoples’ trust and lined their pockets, reaching historic levels of corruption; and now, encouraging and permitting on-going subversion of our election process.

Additionally, that the current President of the United States has, repeatedly, incited his followers to violence against his political opponents.

What must be done?

One first step is for the “mainstream press”, the media, to stop being Mr. Trump’s propaganda tools. At the very least, minimize Trump-coverage by not making it the lead story.

I am not suggesting that the media stop reporting the President of the United States and his administration. Rather, I am suggesting that the media make their Trump-coverage less prominent and more in tune with coverage they'd give any other common fraudster or obvious propagandist. (Please see above example or open this PDF.)

Shift the majority of reporting to how Mr. Trump’s comments and actions have touched the lives of readers, views and listeners.

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