Monday, May 28, 2018

Stop Sacrificing Our Grandchildren

For your grandchildren and in honor of your fallen loved ones, this Memorial Day is a good day for us to begin to walk a different path.

Rather than remaining the victims of our war economy that enables suffering for the 99.9% and wealth for the .01%, we can choose to a different way.

We know at least one other path. It’s an economy based upon renewable resources.

By making our conversion to renewable energy from oil and natural gas a top priority we remove one of the ages-old pretenses for war. Middle Eastern oil will be eliminated as a reason to bomb innocent children because the energy you require to power your home will come from your own rooftop solar array or the wind power system next door.

As for making the .01% more wealthy, allowing them more dominance and governmental control, well… perhaps we will never satisfy their insatiable needs. Still, conversion to a renewables-based economy will make trillions of dollars for them without sacrificing our grandchildren.

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