Thursday, September 14, 2017

Feelin' Blue?

The Science of Depression

I'm depressed. Well, maybe I'm just unhappy for a multitude of reasons... usually having to do with Mr. Trump and his associates.

The truth is, "Major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses, affecting 6.7% (more than 16 million) of American adults each year. Depression causes people to lose pleasure from daily life, can complicate other medical conditions, and can even be serious enough to lead to suicide." And, "Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year."*

The good news is, we are learning more about feeling sad.
"Scientists are now calling the link between depression and inflammation caused by a faulty immune system definitive. Whether it's causal or not, the connection opens up new avenues for treatment, and new hope for sufferers."

Go here for the whole story: Researchers: Depression May Be a Physical Illness Linked to Inflammation, Karla Lant,, 10 Sept 2017.

Facts & Statistics | Anxiety and Depression Association of America

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