Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rocket! People

 Akronauts rocket team, University of Akron, First Spaceport American Cup. 

After graduating high school, I remember thinking I’d had enough of education. I had earned good grades, gotten along with my fellow students and liked my teachers. Still, I wanted to move along in life.

My parents convinced me to go to college. So, I applied to the University of Akron because it offered an immediate path to an on-air broadcasting slot. I liked the idea of being a Walter Cronkite.

On my flip side, I also liked the idea of science and engineering, but I didn’t go down that road. If the University had offered a chance to participate in a rocket program like the one offered today, the story would have been different for me. Of course, nothing like it existed back in the olden days.

What great fun learning is when you have a challenging, hands-on, team-building program that both entices and stimulates your mind. I couldn’t have resisted.

Here’s the pre-launch story… the real story in my eyes

For the U of A, there’s always next year!

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