Friday, July 14, 2017

Destination Moon

The other day a friend commented, “For a liberal arts guy, you sure have an interest in science. How did that happen?”

For the life of me, I couldn’t think of an answer. While deeply influenced by my father’s interest in history, I really didn’t have a “science” influencer.

Then, I remembered. It was Tom Swift.

Tom Swift, the youthful inventor of the world of science fiction. He was responsible!

Here’s Amazon reader Paul Campon’s review of one of the books that tripped my science switch…

Tom Swift in the Race to the Moon (1958)
… “And it was everything that such an event ought to be. There was plenty of trouble from those dasterdly Brungarians to keep things lively. And there was a great spaceship-- a giant boxlike affair mounted in a gyroscopic framework with repelatron drives. And there was a reason for the race to the Moon-- to rescue a space ark of alien plants and animals placed in orbit there by Tom's space friends. No question about it. The Race to the Moon was one of the best of the Tom Swift, Jr. books. It is still fun to read today.”

That's it... ruined me for life!

Seriously, do you have a youthful reader at home?
Science fiction! That’s the ticket!

The Ames Brothers - Destination Moon (1958)

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