Friday, May 26, 2017

I’ll Print My Solar Panels, Thank You!

“Our printed solar solution continues to function consistently in low light
and under cloud cover, which means that users don’t experience dips in productivity.”
 Professor Paul Dastoor, University of Newcastle (UON), Australia.
Remember the old days when solar panels looked like jigumbus rectangular glass / aluminum box?

Not anymore. Today you can print your solar panels thanks to the people at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

“No other renewable energy solution can be manufactured as quickly. On our lab-scale printer we can easily produce hundreds of metres of material per day, on a commercial-scale printer this would increase to kilometres. If you had just ten of these printers operating around the clock we could print enough material to deliver power to 1000 homes per day,” said Professor Paul Dastoor.

Please check the video clip below and go here for the whole story…
The clever electronic inks rewriting our energy future, 15 May 2017, University of Newcastle Australia.

What if printers could power our future?
University of Newcastle (UON), Australia 

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