Friday, October 16, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness.4

It's Friday!

Today's Act of Kindness comes to us from Metro Pittsburgh...

Nonagenarian-led group received a lunch treat

On a lovely fall day I went on an outing with my 94- and 95-year-old parents and their senior friends from Redstone Highlands in Murrysville.

Our destination was the Cracker Barrel restaurant in New Stanton. We all enjoyed a great lunch and happy conviviality.

The day was made even more enjoyable when we were told by our waitress that another customer had picked up the tab for our whole group. There were 10 of us, so this was not a small bill!

We wanted to know who to thank, but were told that this generous individual had already left.

So to the person who gave us this unexpected gift, please know that you put a smile on all our faces. We promise to pay this generosity forward when we see an opportunity.

My parents recently celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary, and this wonderful gesture reminded them how good it has been to spend those years together in the Pittsburgh area!


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Random Acts of Kindness
15 Oct 2015

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