Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dad Spoke With Me Last Night

To the best of my knowledge I’m not a Native American.
But, I’m without a doubt a Native American believer.

Last night I woke form a deep sleep. As I opened my eyes I caught the Native American Dream Catcher on the wall next to the bed.

You know, that thing really works!
I remembered my Dream.

I remembered receiving a document from my father. As he handed it to me, he said, “Ron, you’ll know what to do with this.”

This morning as I write this article I remember that it was a legal document, a contract. Contrary to most contracts this one was not complicated. Nor, was it written in “legalize”, in small type, and pages long.

No, this contract was simple, direct and “enforceable”.

The contract read: “Those who benefit are required to pay all costs involved and compensate every injured person.”

Below that sentence a bunch of wars and their costs in dollars were listed:

U.S.A. Wars, 1900-2014, Costs to be Paid to the American People Individually 
Border Wars – Mexico $50 million
Banana Wars – Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic $50 million
WWI  $334 billion
Russian Revolution $50 million
WWII  $4.1 trillion
Korea  $341 billion
Indochina Wars  $738 billion
Cuba  $150 million
Dominican Republic $100 million
Lebanon $100 million
Grenada $100 million
Panama $100 million
Somali $100 million
Haiti  $100 million
Yugoslav Wars  $25 billion
Wars on Terror  $6.5 trillion
Gulf War I
Gulf War II
Libya I
Syria I
Total War Costs to be Reimbursed  $12 trillion, including 2% interest 
Owed by Beneficiary American Corporations and Financial Entities, including international banks and reimbursable to the American People.

My dream told me to Follow the Money and see to it that those who benefited from the past wars pay the financial costs back to the American People - individually.

Moreover, the dream told me that an additional $55 trillion was owed by Beneficiary American Corporations and Financial Entities, including international banks, and payable in just compensation for the personal loss of property, loss of life, loss of limb, hardships endured and loss of income of all those millions of people who were killed, tortured, displaced, injured in any way or who suffered the loss of a relative during the past wars.

Interesting, I thought. That's $67 trillion to be distributed to the American People.
So, that‘s how Real Free Market American Capitalism is supposed to work.

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