Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Heart Weeps

My heart weeps for the people of the east coast USA: New Jersey, New York, the Carolinas, Virginia, all of New England and inland, too - Pennsylvania and Canada. The devastation is mind-blowing; Sandy’s wrath over the past few days has left thousands homeless, businesses closed and millions without power.

Those who love their families know that they can not stand by while nature rips their lives apart.

What can we do differently this time to at least try to prepare for the next natural disaster? Isn’t there something we can do?

Yes, there is.

There is one major action step we can take. We can convert to distributed power generation and move away from total reliance on 1900s technology – central power generation.

Let’s begin to minimize our vulnerability by employing the technology which is at hand. Each home and business can now generate sufficient power to meet electrical needs without drawing on power from the local power plant. Yes, even in sun deprived areas, too.

We know there will be more bad weather events in the future. It’s time to apply our intelligence and our technology to take the steps to protect those we love.

Distributed power generation is one step we must take. We can no longer wait. We must begin now.

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