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Good News Florida! DeSantis is Up for “Suspension” this Nov.

This article from the Tampa Bay Times, by Lawrence Mower and Emily L. Mahoney, 4 Aug 2022:

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday removed Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren from office for what he said was Warren’s disregard for his duty to enforce state laws, including a pledge not to prosecute people receiving an abortion or their doctors performing them.

At a news conference flanked by police from around Tampa Bay, DeSantis said Warren had “put himself publicly above the law” by signing letters saying he would not enforce laws prohibiting gender-affirming care for minors or laws limiting abortion.

Under a clause in the state Constitution, DeSantis suspended Warren, effectively firing him.

“Our government is a government of laws, not a government of men,” DeSantis said. -more-

Further, from the Tampa Bay Times: 

On Wednesday, DeSantis’ spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, warned on Twitter that there would be a “MAJOR announcement” by the governor Thursday morning.

“Prepare for the liberal media meltdown of the year,” she wrote.

DeSantis got his splash in media coverage. Didn’t he?

Oh, but there’s just an itty-bitty problem here… 

“The 15-week abortion ban that DeSantis signed into law this year violated the Florida Supreme Court’s longstanding precedent establishing that Florida’s constitutional right to privacy included the right to an abortion. A judge affirmed that the law violated the constitution, and the Florida Supreme Court has yet to hear the case.”

And: “It’s unclear if Warren’s removal from office is permanent. Under Florida law, the Florida Senate must decide whether to reinstate Warren or remove him completely. The Senate must send out a notice of an initial hearing within 90 days, per Senate rules — putting that deadline for Warren’s case just days before Election Day in November. Warren can also choose to fight his removal in court, which could push back that timeline.”

“Let’s be clear — this is not about what I’ve done. This is about what I’ve said,” Warren said. “This is Orwellian thought police. I’m being punished for not enforcing a law that doesn’t even exist.”

Further, no abortion cases are pending or have been brought to Warren.

Finally, Warren, twice elected Prosecutor by the people of Hillsborough County, Florida, plans to fight the suspension in court.

Whew! This time Mr. DeSantis’ spotlight grab really smells.

Below are just a few additional examples of Mr. DeSantis' abuse of his authority as governor. 

All seem calculated to garner national media attention. All use the same-old-same-old political deception game of pointing to someone else for doing the exact "sin" while doing it himself. In this case it's "overreach". 

With ads running all over the nation, it is more than obvious Mr. DeSantis plans on becoming President of the United States in 2024. 

It's also obvious he will step on anyone to help him get there, too.

It’s time to “suspend” Gov. DeSantis come this November.

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