Thursday, August 20, 2020

Yes. It Is


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“It is what it is,” to quote Mr. Trump.

Unfortunately for Americans, Mr. Trump's words were not just about the COVID plague deaths, but also prophetic about his treasonous acts.

Looking back, you recall, Mr. Trump stood idle, while:

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin took control of the Crimea, established a foothold in the independent state of Ukraine, orchestrated the Syrian strife into a victory for Bashar Assad, and through cyber-warfare, worked to have Mr. Trump elected president in cooperation with Mr. Trump’s elections committee, expressly with Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort and Trump-Fixer, Roger Stone.”

Yes, absolutely. 

That is now established fact, among many other findings, detailed in a bipartisan investigation in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s fifth and final report into Russian interference in the 2016 US election., which was released a couple of days ago.

No longer can Mr. Trump claim that it was all, a “hoax” and that his election chairman was not deep into treasonous acts with Russian intelligence operatives on his behalf.

According to CNN, “… the report makes very clear is that Trump's campaign chairman was 

a) working with a Russian intelligence officer 

b) seeking to share proprietary campaign data with him and 

c) attempted to sway public opinion about which country actually had meddled in the US election.”

“And that (Roger) Stone, whose prison sentence was commuted by Trump last month, was designated by the campaign to find out what he could about the information that had been hacked by the Russians and when WikiLeaks planned to release it. And that the two Russians from infamous Trump Tower meeting had more ties Russian intelligence than we previously knew. And that Russia continued through this year to muddy the waters about its interference in the 2016 election.”

Further you recall, during a joint press conference in Finland, “Mr. Trump groveled and made his views clear: he (took) Mr. Putin's “powerful” denial of meddling as true over anything national intelligence director Dan Coats and his team…warned him about.”

All this clearly adds up to, “…giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”

Add standing idle while the Russians paid bounties to Islamic extremists in Afghanistan for killing American soldiers, and there is nothing left but to say, “It is what it is.” 


It is Treason.

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