Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jive Talkin' Pres.

Mr. Trump’s off and on and off again declarations of love / hate for our NATO allies have left me feeling even more confused, dizzy and nauseous than his comment usually do.

Taking the cake for blatant, kindergarten-level-BS-jive-talk-fantasy, was his claim that NATO members had acceded to his demands to increase defense spending. They gave in to make him happy, he said, and would soon be spending 2% of their GNP on “defense”.

Mr. Trump’s “jive talkin.” did sparked a thought, though. Was there ever a time when the 99.9% of us didn’t put up with “leaders” and "rulers"?

Astonishingly the answer is, yes. If only we could do it again... the world would be much better off.

“There is a remarkable discovery that has not yet emerged from our renewed interest in ancient civilization. Yet few remark upon this glaring omission from the relics and records we dig up and discover. I first recognized its absence at a visit to the British Museum, and made a point of going back a few years later for another check. Their Mesopotamian rooms begin at 6500 BC, and as you wander through the exhibits and look at the artifacts and depictions of their culture there are none depicting warriors or warfare, chariots or combat, clubs or swords – for nearly four thousand years. As for kings and rulers, there was a single image thought to be a king because it looks like he’s wearing a crown. And what is this king doing? He is feeding flowers to sheep.”

Jive Talkin' - BeeGees - 1975

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