Friday, January 29, 2016

Everyday Hero is Next to You

It's Friday! Time for Random Acts of Kindness.9

I will never lose my faith in ordinary people. Your neighbor, or that person in the other car, harbors the right stuff to be a hero. When circumstances required it h/she can be a superhero, too. Here's the story:

"Forget chain of fools; (see below) it was a “chain of heroes” who managed to rescue a driver in Pennsylvania last week after his tractor-trailer careened off a snowy road."

"The trucker had been driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike about 20 miles east of Bedford when he suddenly lost control of the vehicle."

"Arlyn Satanek, who witnessed the accident, told WTAE-TV that the swerving tractor-trailer cut across two lanes of traffic before smashing through a guardrail and almost falling off the side of a hill."

"'It was a mess, dangerous. The truck was smoking, couple hundred gallons of diesel fuel, debris everywhere,' said Satanek, who was also driving a truck that evening. “[But] people didn't seem to care, they jumped out to help."

"The group's efforts paid off. According to WPXI-TV, the unidentified driver of the semi was safely out of the truck and “back on his feet” within 15 minutes of the crash."

"'It helped remind us that we are all people, and it is our responsibility to help other humans,' Satanek told the station."

Please go here for a video clip: 

Now, for that Chain of Fools... Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey...

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