Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ugly Billboards

I hate those ugly roadside billboards. Don’t you?

Take for instance those at the intersection of Grosse Ile Parkway and West Jefferson. They look particularly ugly to me.

Not only are they an ancient advertising tool out of the 1950s, they are often poorly designed and seldom changed. That represents a problem because I often spend a great deal of time waiting for the turn signal to change in my favor or for the “free” bridge to allow traffic to pass.

There is an alternative. Tear them down and landscape the area! That’s my first choice.

But, knowing that the signs represent easy revenue for the owner, I propose an alternative… replace the dinosaurs with new technology… digital displays. The owner’s revenue stream will be greatly increased by rotating the ads and a new medium…community outreach messaging … will be greatly appreciated by the travelin’ public.

What are your thoughts?

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