Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Reason to Like Starbucks Coffee

I’ve discovered another reason for liking Starbucks Coffee…Starbuck’s decision to reward their employees with a four year college degree.

Recently, Starbucks announced: “it was doubling its free college tuition plan for employees to cover a full four years of college instead of two”; and that it will “offer employees faster tuition reimbursement — after every semester instead of after completing 21 class credits."

Now, at least for me, with this announcement, Starbucks not only has scored an outstanding marketing and media relations tactical move, but has turned the spotlight on itself for showing what American Capitalism should be. Not only is Starbucks a financially successful business, it’s also making an intelligent employee relations move which, without a doubt, will pay handsome dividends as happy customers keep coming back to purchase more because they are greeted by happy employees.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, said. "We're stronger as a nation when everyone is afforded a pathway to success."

I agree.

Treat your people right and they will treat your customers right, too. It’s smart business. Here’s to Starbucks and here’s a prayer that the rest of corporate world follows Starbucks’ lead.

See: Starbucks website, Careers College Plan and
“Starbucks ups college plan to 4 years”, Bruce Horovitz, USA Today, 6 Apr 2015

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