Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Time for a Draft... of a Different Kind

Draft Card No. 1 to Serve two years in the U.S. House of Representatives.
It is time to change our political paradigm.

It will require a Constitutional Amendment, but here is an idea:

Adopt a law which requires that all citizens must complete a two-year tour of public service.

Selective Service could be given the role of administering the program and creating a "pool" of "qualified" potential draftees.

One service, an alternative to the military or the Peace Corps, could be as an elected representative to the House of Representatives or the Senate on the state, federal or local, county levels as a council person or mayor.

Youthful representatives, without a doubt, will be idealistic in performance of their duties but perhaps less corrupted by big money and special interests as our current representatives are today.

Additionally, or alternatively, we could "draft" older people into public service for the same two-year tour of duty.

For me, that's a "draft " that might free our system from the control of the .1%. It's worth a shot don't you agree?

What are your thoughts?

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