Saturday, February 2, 2013

TruthTeller App! Now here’s another reason for optimism!

TruthTeller, the Washington Post, Knight-News-Prototype-grant-funded service, which lets you know that you have just been fed a bunch of b.s. from some politician, could accidentally become the tool which saves American Predatory Capitalism from itself.

Given the nature of our culture and all the garbage which floats about in a gazillion commercials plus sales material of all kinds, masquerading for fact, a future “app” built upon this prototype, portends great things for our version of “Buyer Beware” Capitalism. 

A politician meets TruthTeller and Americans win!

On the good side, it could, at some future date, serve as a consumer’s personal firewall. Further, it could also help our elected officials stay the path and collect an honest paycheck by serving the public interest. Best of all (hopefully very soon) it could help protect us (naïve consumers) from the barrage of false advertising, public relations and general b.s. foisted upon us every second of every day by the Madison Ave. crowd.

That blinding blizzard of b.s., which Americans accept as “the norm”, would suddenly be subject to “fact check”. What a life changing, wonderful tool!

Bear with me for a second. 
Just think, one day you will walk into a grocery store, scan a product label with your smartphone and then hear an alarm go off telling you the “product” in your hand contains enough “whatevers” to instantly kill an elephant. How novel that would be!

Since our government has continuously failed to defend us citizens from the bevy of straight out life-threatening products, I look forward to the day when I am personally empowered to wield my own “firewall” against the evil tide which inundates us all.

Product makers and the “cut-a-deal-with-the-devil” selling machines which run our culture would be forced to sell truth, lest they be instantly exposed as lie-telling scumbags. Repercussions would be instantaneous because TODAY, we have social media which would instantly help make it known just who are and are not scumbags — that is, among friends — of course.

Brandishing the future TruthTelling app, I can see empowered consumers all over the place, unmasking attorneys, service providers, bankers, healthcare providers, etc. The list is endless and the resulting high quality services will be the best in the history of mankind!

The emerging new capitalistic society could rightfully proclaim: “Buyer Protected” rather than “Buyer Beware”. U.S capitalism cured and saved through technological advancement. Just in the nick of time!

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