Monday, November 21, 2011

Heroes and Photos

Nothing Seems to Change... Except the Date.

Police pepper spray seated, nonviolent protesters at The University of California, Davis, Friday, 18 Nov 2011 (above). Police pull high school student and bystander Walter Gadsden into the street so dogs can tear at him, Birmingham, Alabama, 4 May 1963.

Heroes can change the world. And, photos of heroes can change the world, too. By now you may have seen the video of police pepper-spraying seated University of California, Davis protesters. This disgusting display of brutality reminded me of the shocking photo I saw in 1963. It showed police dogs tearing at Walter Gadsen's abdomin, a peaceful bystander, pulled by a police officer into the street during a civil rights march so the dogs could get to him. I wasn't the only person shocked by the photo. President Kennedy was too. And millions of Americans were shocked, as well. (See my post, 31 Aug 2011, What is the Price of Teapot Stupidity?)

The video of a police officer pepper-spaying seated, nonviolent protesters on a college campus is an equally shocking image. I pray these brave protesters were not permanently injured. And, I pray that millions of Americans will be as outraged as I am over this unnecessary brutality as we were 48 years ago.

The video has now gone viral, with 2+ million views, as of 24 Nov 2011.

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