Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to Grosse Ile!

Tie up, have lunch, pick up a missing tool or part, at the Grosse Ile Public Dock, East River at Grosse Ile Parkway.

We welcome visitors to Grosse Ile.

Some come by SUV or car, some bike and some drop in by plane. But, none arrive by boat. That is to say, none of our friends can stop by, tie up and enjoy lunch or a cool drink at our Macomb Street businesses off East River. Why? Because there is no public dock facility available.

Today, we have an opportunity to create one. Prime property off East River Road at Grosse Ile Parkway has become available to the Township.  You’ve driven by a million times. If you are a longtime Islander, it’s likely you dropped a line into the river at this spot and enjoyed the spectacular view.

It’s time to turn this neglected beach into a spectacular public area, put in a dock for our boating and sailing friends, and welcome them to their new home on Grosse Ile!

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