Monday, January 5, 2009

Transforming Rustbelt Image into EcoLiving Sanctuary

Imagine… a summer evening.
The warm breeze touches your hair.

You breathe in magical fragrances.

The flowers are in bloom
The grass is sweet.
Leaves rustle ever so lightly.

Hear the water? Hear the music?

Give yourself a moment and just enjoy. Feel the enchantment...

You can slow down and take it easy. Live a little! You’re home… on Grosse Ile, your own island within the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.

It’s not just any island, but an unparalleled eco-friendly environment, with exceptional schools, crime-free neighborhoods, and championship professional and collegiate sports teams, world-class symphony and theater only 20 minutes close-by... and that's just the beginning...

Am I dreaming? Certainly. Can the transformation from a "rustbelt, failed auto manufacturing" image into an "ecoliving sanctuary" be accomplished? You bet! We are already well along the path, today!  Go to:  See Crain's Detroit Business, Brightside Video.  RB

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