Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Plan B Think Different

Dr. Benjamin Rush, Painting by Peale
Our government, as it is operating today, works for the wealthiest (the .01%), the global corporations, and their paid-off enablers, both corporate managers and elected office holders.

To make our society work for us, the 99.9%, including the masterfully manipulated Trump supporters, we must change our message and our paradigm.

One way to accomplish this is by converting the Peace Corps into a cabinet-level Peace Department, equal in stature to the Department of Defense, and empower it with the mission to develop and implement our national “Peace Economy” as an alternative to our current war economy.

The Department of Peace would be charged with ending our profiting from war by creating alternatives, such as leading our national economy toward a “sustainable energies” and infrastructure renewal economy, a.k.a. The Green New Deal, thereby employing millions and creating $ trillions in new economic growth.

It’s unlikely that Mr. Trump and the Republican Party will transform for the sake of what is good and humane over “profit”. Throughout history it never has. In fact, no society has.

Consider, for instance, Dr. Benjamin Rush’s 1793 essay describing his Peace Department concept for “promoting and preserving perpetual peace in the United States”, was based upon Christian principles because, “…the Christian religion should be preferred to all others; for it belongs to this religion exclusively to teach us not only to cultivate peace with all men, but to forgive—nay more, to love our very enemies..”

The Rush concept failed. Just as countless others since have failed. Why? Because there has always been immense profit in war.

Plan B - Think Different - The Department of Peace - Peace Economy – a.k.a., 
The Green New Deal

But, today, due to technological advances in sustainable energies and the obvious need to rebuild our infrastructure, immense profit is waiting for the making... or exploiting.

We no longer need to make more bombs and bullets or expand our “empire” to create more wealth for the wealthy.

That is why I am optimistic we can achieve what no other society has ever achieved: creating an alternative economy and thereby creating more profit incentive for the 1%.

We can start by converting the Peace Corps into the Department of Peace.

Change the message from emphasizing the Green New Deal and talk about the immense profits waiting for the taking through The Peace Economy.

Change the paradigm. Change our society for the 100%.

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